September Update- Skills, Stamps and Art

October 11, 2023 | Monthly Update, Senior Care

September Update from Legacy Place Care Homes

We have had a wonderful month in September. Hope you did too. Here are some highlights.

Art Trip

We took an art trip! The more time you spend analyzing a piece of art, the more you are able to stimulate both unconscious and conscious brain functions. This can increase your analytical and problem-solving skills in everyday life. And the pleasure that comes with it is beyond words.

Funny Story

Doris and Janis read a funny story about an old phone call by someone who was being witnessed to. We had the giggles.
Here is the full coverage of our talent show:

Talent Show at Legacy Place Care Home for Jehovah's Witnesses


Story Time

Storytime with Margaret. At Legacy Place, we provide plenty of opportunities to help our older ones feel useful and hone the many skills and talents that they have. By engaging them with warmth and understanding, we have found that we gain much more than we give! Here is the full coverage of our talent show:

Story Time at Legacy Place Care Home for Jehovah's Witnesses


Stamps Needed

Thank you very much for the tremendous response we’ve had on our last ask for stamps. Our residents have been very busy writing letters as part of their ministry and those stamps have been put to very good use! If you would like to donate some stamps for the use of our residents, please send them to this address:
2051 Bevin Dr. Allentown, PA 18103-6995

Thank you very much! We really appreciate your generosity.


Online Donations

Your donations help us care for our residents. If you wish to make a donation online, please click here: Donate