December Monthly Update – Life stories, drum fitness, Legacy Lifesavers and more …

December 30, 2021 | Senior Care

December Monthly Update

Hello from Legacy Place! We know how much you love our dear residents so we thought you would like to see what we have been up to at Legacy Place in the month of December. We post regularly on our social media channels and it’s been wonderful to have all your love and comments from there. We wanted to include those who are not on those channels by sharing all that here. We hope you like them!

Absorbed in Spiritual Activities

Watching the Broadcast

“Here with us are aged ones,
Those whose youth has passed.
Here among us they endure;
Still they’re holding fast.”
What a beautiful song we sang at the meetings this week and we see it every day at Legacy Place. Here they are, watching the broadcast, faithfully keeping up with the pace of the chariot.

Watching the broadcast

Watching the broadcast

Reading Life Stories

The beauty of the truth is that no matter what age you are and how strong in the truth you have been, there is always something to learn from other faithful brothers and sisters. Our dear residents spend a lovely afternoon reading out life stories from and meditating on fine examples. What a lovely lesson for us. They have some great life stories of their own too. If you haven’t read our dear Margaret’s life story yet, click here and enjoy her rich experiences.



Legacy Lifesavers Campaign

Please join the growing ranks of “Legacy Lifesavers” that provide small monthly donations that are critically needed to support our dear elderly friends.
The name is a fun play on the wonderful candy we all love and the concept of a life preserver, which is described as “a device for keeping a person afloat.” How relevant!
Your generosity, no matter the size, will connect all of you to the residents and the mission of care at Legacy Place…. a loving home by Jehovah’s Witnesses to serve our dear elderly brothers and sisters!
Click here to see how your donations are used:

Become a Legacy Lifesaver


Life Story of Margaret Banko

“We Were Never in Want of Anything – Never.”
Here is the life story of Margaret Banko, a faithful sister who has served Jehovah for decades in full-time service and who is one of the earliest residents of Legacy Place. Listen to her story, see how she has experienced Jehovah’s hand in her life, and be strengthened by her unshakable confidence in Jehovah. You can read her full life story here.

Activities to Rejuvenate Us

New Discovery!

A giant leaf was found when we went on a historic bridge tour. No matter how many years we walk this earth, we’ll always find something new, something to make us say “Wow, haven’t seen that before!” Imagine the surprises in store for us in the new world!

Personal Care for Seniors in Legacy Place Cottages


Drum Fitness

These enthusiastic friends deserve applause! They don’t miss their exercise routine and enjoy themselves too. Drum roll (see what we did there) for their determination!


Fun at LP

We sure have fun at Legacy Place! It’s amazing to see these elderly ones still young at heart, still being funny and silly and reminding us to be joyful. We’re sure you’d like to be part of this wonderful experience. If you’re elderly, talk to us about finding a place at Legacy place. If you’re young, come join our staff. Message us for more details.


Stay tuned for our updates next month!