August Update – Witnessing, Sun Soaks and Talent Shows

September 15, 2023 | Monthly Update, Senior Care

Monthly Update Legacy Place Senior Assisted Living

Hope everyone has had a good month of August and the beginning of September. Here are some highlights from our home.

Soaking up Some Sunshine

When the sun’s out you know we are going to be too! Here’s a few of us just chilling and soaking up the sunshine.


Talent Show

Chris and Nina Singing a Duet at our talent show.
At Legacy Place, we provide plenty of opportunities to help our older ones feel useful and hone the many skills and talents that they have. By engaging them with warmth and understanding, we have found that we gain much more than we give! Here is the full coverage of our talent show: Appreciating the Skills of Our Dear Elderly Ones

A Good Start

Some serious letter writing and phone witnessing in progress! We’re excited for the new service year! Hope you’ll have had a good start.

Letter Writing in Legacy Place senior Assisted Living


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