March Update – Cherished Hopes, Delicious Sundaes and a United Brotherhood!

April 4, 2022 | General, Senior Care

March Update for Legacy Place Cottages

What an exciting month this has been for all of us! We are sure you have had a great time too. We wanted to give you a glimpse of some of the highlights in Legacy Place this past month. Enjoy!

United Brotherhood

We come from everywhere and from every background but we have become one truly united family. Come see the beautiful diversity and the harmony that all of us enjoy in Legacy Place as you have read of this blog: United Brotherhood in Legacy Place

United Brotherhood in Legacy Place

Just Around The Corner

Just around the corner… How heartwarming to see the faith of these dear ones. After so many decades of keeping their hope alive, they are convinced that the new world is just around the corner. This hope keeps them going despite their age and infirmities. Wouldn’t you like to sit with these dear elderly friends and ask them what keeps their hope so bright?


Personal Study Routine

How important is Personal Study? Ask Gloria, who deeply cherishes this time that she spends getting to know her Father better and understanding his truths more deeply. No wheelchair or infirmity or anything else can separate her from Jehovah’s love!



Gloria doing her personal study in Legacy Place care home

Memory Care

The Memory Care unit in Legacy Place extends various therapies and activities that help in managing dementia. We try and incorporate these therapies by providing activities that help build physical, intellectual, and social wellness. Arts and crafts are an important part of it and we have great fun doing it too!
If you haven’t read it already, you must read our blog on Memory Care on our website under Blogs: When Memories Fade …




That’s a strike!! These dear friends in Legacy Place are always game for the fun activities that our staff organize and put together. They enjoy themselves immensely and so do we!


Sundae Funday!

Make your own ice cream sundae! All of us need a bit of pampering, a bit of simple joy and nothing does that better than an ice cream sundae. We had a great time with the residents picking their favorite flavors and toppings. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?



We hope you have enjoyed these highlights. We would love to know how your month was.