May Highlights – Masks, Gift Cards, and Beautiful Friendships

June 8, 2023 | Monthly Update, Senior Care

May Monthly Update for Legacy Place Senior Assisted Living

What a fun month we had! Here’s a look at all that we have been up to in May.

Masks On!

Masks on. Party on! Our masquerade party was amazing. We had great fun dressing up and getting our game face on!


Beautiful Friendships

One of the blessings of living in Legacy Place is the beautiful friendships that are formed. The friends get to share wonderful association, upbuild each other, and comfort each other as they go through the challenges of age. They bring joy to each other and to all of us.

Giddy up for some fun!

And that’s exactly what we did in our Western-themed party. Some good old country songs, cowboy (or cowgirl) vibes, and a whole lot of fun!


How To Engage in Exercise Even if You Have Limited Mobility

Even if mobility poses a challenge, exercise helps you feel the exhilaration of your heart beating faster, your muscles strengthen and stretch better, and your mind expands with newfound clarity.

At Legacy Place, we understand the need to ensure that our elderly ones get the exercise they need. Here are some tips to help: How To Engage in Exercise Even if You Have Limited Mobility

How To Engage in Exercise Even if You Have Limited Mobility


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