June Update – Unwavering Faith, Tea Parties, and Me Time

July 1, 2022 | Senior Care

June Monthly Update - Personal Care for Seniors in Legacy Place Cottages

The biggest highlight of this month was the release of Tony’s Life Story! We have been doing some fun and productive things around the home too. Here’s a look at all that we have been up to this month

Life Story: Tony Gallina

Unwavering faith despite prison bonds, willingness to serve wherever he was assigned, and deep love for a truly remarkable wife – this is Tony’s life story. Click here to read it:

I Came in Here As One Of Jehovah’s Witnesses And I Am Leaving As One – Life Story of Tony Gallina

Find out what he wants to do in the new world, what was involved in building the Allentown Kingdom Hall, and more in this video!

Spiritual Gems

Meeting preparations are a fun exercise when we do it together as a family. We benefit from some real spiritual gems as the residents share thoughts from their personal study. We treasure this time.

Meeting preparation - Personal Care for Seniors in Legacy Place Cottages

Around the Home

Green Fingers

Green fingers at work again! We love the dedication and effort that these dear older friends put into caring for plants. If you haven’t yet read our blog on how gardening is helping our elderly ones, here’s the link to it: Joys of Gardening for the Elderly

Personal Time

Here’s Joyce enjoying some reading on the porch. Although we all love being together in the home, at Legacy Place we also value the need for personal time and space. Many of our residents enjoy spending time on their personal hobbies, reading, or enjoying their favorite TV shows. If you would like to know more about care in Legacy Place, drop us a message.

Personal Care for Seniors in Legacy Place Cottages

Craft Time With Volunteers

This is why we love volunteers! These kind sisters came in and spent some time with our residents helping them make cards. We had a great time and are grateful for all your support. If you would like to Volunteer, please write to us.

Tea Party

Tea anyone? We had a lovely tea party recently. Don’t the ladies look pretty all dressed up in their hats and everything!


Hope you have had a wonderful month too! Stay tuned for our next month’s update and have a great month ahead everyone.