Importance Of Planning Activities for Older Ones

October 23, 2023 | Senior Care

Activities in Legacy Place Senior Assisted Living

As people age, their physical, mental, and emotional well-being can be positively influenced by engaging in well-thought-out and purposeful activities.

“Keeping them as active as possible appears to be important to their well-being, longevity, and mental alertness.”

–          Watchtower 2/15, 1993

As carers for elderly ones, we at Legacy Place understand this need and have various activities planned for our dear elderly friends. Through this article, we would like to share why and how we engage our elderly residents in various activities. If you are caring for an older relative, we also have some tips that could help you.

Why Important?

Phone witnessing at Legacy Place Senior Assisted Living

Planning activities for older individuals is particularly important. Here are some key reasons:

Staying Active and Fit: Engaging in regular physical activities is like giving a friendly nudge to their bodies to stay strong and flexible. It can help older adults maintain their physical health, improve mobility, and reduce the risk of chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis.

Keeping the Brain Buzzing: Solving a puzzle or playing a brainy game is like a gym session for the brain! Learning new things or even having deep conversations can keep their minds sharp. Activities that challenge cognitive abilities can help maintain cognitive function and delay the onset of conditions like dementia.

Association: Group activities like day trips or playing games together, keeps them feeling connected and happy.

Having a Routine: Having planned activities creates a comfortable routine for older ones, which reduces anxiety.

Adds Joy: Doing things they enjoy adds so much flavor to their days, giving them opportunities to laugh out loud and engage with others.

Continuous Learning: Older ones can learn new stuff too. Trying out new skills and exploring new hobbies keeps life exciting.

How We Do It in Legacy Place

Our hardworking carers and staff put in their all to provide more than just the basic needs of our residents.

Spiritual activities like meeting preparation, and letter and phone witnessing are proactively planned out so that the residents can have an active share in the ministry and meetings.

In addition, we have many fun activities that are planned through the day. Our Activities Coordinator Sabra Bonnor works tirelessly to plan and execute activities for older ones. She explains:

“I plan and oversee activities that are designed to enrich their lives. We strive to meet all of their needs.  This would include emotional, psychological, physical, intellectual, and social needs.”

Here is a glimpse of a few activities in Legacy Place:

Activity Ideas That Improve the Mental, Physical, And Cognitive Skills of Elderly Ones

Here are some fun ideas that you can plan out with your older family members:

Puzzle Party: Jigsaw puzzles are like brain teasers. They challenge the brain and are super fun to solve. They can enjoy it alone or with friends.

Gardening: Gardening is a fantastic way to stay active and get some fresh air.

Arts and Crafts: Painting, knitting, or crafting can unleash their creative side. It’s a great way to express themselves and have something interesting to show to others.

Dance-off: Dancing is not just for the young! It’s a fantastic way to stay active, socialize and groove to their favorite tunes.

Memory Lane: Looking at old photos or sharing stories can bring back memories and spark great conversations.

Tech Time: Learning how to use gadgets like tablets can open up a world of possibilities. They can play brain games, video call loved ones, or explore new interests online.

These are just a few activity ideas but remember, the key is to find activities that they enjoy and that suit their interests and abilities.

We Love It!

Planning activities for older individuals goes beyond mere entertainment. These activities can help older adults lead fulfilling lives, stay connected with their communities, and continue to grow and thrive as they age. It does require time and effort to plan it out, but it is completely worth it!

We wholeheartedly share the sentiments of Sabra when she says:

“I love what I do. It is very rewarding. I look forward to seeing my brothers and sisters every day. I treasure them as dear friends and I value their wonderful qualities. These folks have done so much for Jehovah, and for others. Now it’s my turn to do something for them in return. There is so much knowledge, and so many experiences among these dear faithful older ones. I learned so much from them. I also like that no two days are the same. This presents me with different challenges, but it is very meaningful work.”

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