September Highlights – Guessing Games, Shoutouts, and Fire Safety

October 4, 2022 | Monthly Update, Newsletter, Senior Care

September was a great month with a running start to the new service year. We had many fun activities too. Here is a glimpse of what we have been up to.

Thank You Carers!

Caring for our elderly ones is much more than a job for our wonderful carers. Every day they care for our brothers and sisters, caring for their physical needs but also giving them their time, lending them a listening ear, and planning and organizing things to make them smile and keep their spirits up. We appreciate all that they do, which is why we wanted to express our gratitude with these thank you packages. We love you dear carers!


Shoutout Board

Here is a shoutout board we made to express what we feel for our dedicated carers. All our residents and staff took this opportunity to put into words the immense gratitude that we feel for them.

Shoutout to carers

Because Safety Comes First!

We had our annual fire prevention day at Legacy Place. Our staff were trained on fire prevention methods by the local fire department and we really appreciate their work. Here is a look at how we ensure fire safety at Legacy Place and some tips to help: Fire Safety – Tips to Help Prevent and Handle Fire


Guessing Game

Guess who was one of the winners of our “Guess How Many Candies are in the Jar” Contest!



Indoor Visitation resumed on September 9th in our Personal Care building. Memory Care remains open to indoor and outdoor visitation.

Indoor Visitation Personal Care for Seniors in Legacy Place Cottages


Coming Soon!

Here at Legacy Place, we have many elderly ones who continue to amaze us every day with their deep love for Jehovah and their extraordinary determination to keep preaching despite age and health limitations. We thought we would give you a small glimpse of what they are doing. We also wanted to share the experience of Doris, a beloved sister here at Legacy Place. Stay Tuned for the next blog – Zeal has no Age Limits!

Diane's baptism