Thank You – Legacy Place Cottages Team Members

April 28, 2021 | General

While so many of us have been confined over the winter, we’ve been very grateful for the opportunity to continue meeting together via Zoom & JW Broadcasting. The encouragement and direction received from our families and brothers has been both spirit lifting and lifesaving. Where would we be without them?

Speaking of being confined, sometimes we view TV along with its many commercials. You may have even seen this one from an insurance company – a younger couple purchases a home but they have what sounds like an “ant” problem. However, the ants are really “aunts” who are constantly present and working around the house, offering suggestions, etc.

While the commercial is somewhat amusing, it makes one think about the original thought that came to mind – ants.  Proverbs 30:24,25 says that “four things on earth are among the smallest, but they are instinctively wise: the ants are not strong creatures, yet they prepare their food in the summer. Ants are marvelously organized, cooperative and attentive to fellow workers. They assist injured or exhausted ants back to the nest, instinctively prepare for the future and do everything possible to fulfill their tasks.

Our tireless staff (Caregivers, CNA’s, Med Techs, Cooks, Housekeeping, Administrative and Management Team) at Legacy Place perform countless and unending tasks for our residents complete with care, compassion, excellence and smiles! We are very grateful for all their help especially during the past year with all the challenges presented by COVID-19. Our staff deserves our acknowledgement and appreciation. With tongue in cheek – we’re so glad we have an “ant/aunt” problem here at Legacy Place Cottages!

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Thank you for all your help!