May Update – Family Worship, Green Fingers, and Beautiful Friendships

June 3, 2022 | General, Senior Care

May Monthly Update for Seniors in Legacy Place Cottages

This month has flown by! As the chaos in the world continues, we were able to carve out moments of peace and brotherhood in Legacy Place. This is what makes the home a safe haven for older ones who are vulnerable and need to be in a safe and loving environment in their old age. Here are some highlights of our month.

Spiritual Blessings

Family Worship

We thoroughly enjoyed Family Worship conducted by a loving volunteer. This is where our dear volunteers help immensely. The residents truly appreciate the time and resources that they spend for them and the volunteers benefit from invaluable association with faithful elderly ones. Would you like to volunteer for Legacy Place? Contact us for details.

Bible Study

Thank you for coming in and volunteering to conduct our weekly Bible study. A local brother and his wife kindly visited us and made our study a wonderful treat.

Bible Study in Legacy Place Cottages Senior Assisted Living


Priceless Friendships


Some ice cream to slurp – great. Some good friends to share it with – priceless

Ice cream in Legacy Place Cottages Senior Assisted Living


Old Friends and New

“We need old friends to help us grow old and new friends to help us stay young,” someone once said and we find a bit of both in Legacy Place. The friendships we form here are strong because the foundation is a love for Jehovah. Would you like to find a friend in these wonderful faithfuls? Come visit us or volunteer.

Friendships in Legacy Place Cottages Senior Assisted Living

Donate a Cuddle

If you have a pet and don’t mind them donating a few cuddles, please let us know. 😊Pet therapy is extremely beneficial for the elderly. Studies show that just fifteen minutes spent bonding with an animal promotes hormonal changes within the brain. Stress levels drop as the brain produces serotonin (the “feel-good” hormone), along with prolactin and oxytocin.
Please contact our activities director Sabra if you can bring in your pet to spend some time with our residents. Her e-mail id is or you can call her on 484.850.3909


Pet Therapy in Legacy Place Cottages Senior Assisted Living


Joys of Gardening for the Elderly

Gardening can boost both your mental and physical health and help create a cleaner ecosystem and ease the general stresses of life. This is especially important for the elderly. In our latest blog, we talk about how gardening benefits the elderly and give you a glimpse of what our gardening experts have been up to around the home. Read the Blog: The Joys Of Gardening For The Elderly

Thank you for all your support this month!  We look forward to another beautiful month ahead.