Maintaining a Spiritual Routine Despite Age

February 2, 2023 | General, Senior Care

Goals in Legacy Place Senior Assisted Living

The foundation on which Legacy Place was built is to provide a loving home for our elderly brothers and sisters, where they can feel safe physically and spiritually. After years of faithful service, they need a home where they can maintain the spiritual routine that they have had going for all their lives. We work hard to give them all the support they need to make this happen. In this blog, we wanted to show you how this is done.

The Importance of a Spiritual Routine

We understand the importance of maintaining a spiritual routine. Ask the faithful brothers and sisters in our home why they place so much emphasis on this, and here are some reasons they will give:

  • It puts us in line to receive divine guidance: Jehovah instructs and guides us through the Bible and the faithful slave. By regularly feeding on spiritual food, we put ourselves at Jehovah’s table to be nourished spiritually.
  • It helps maintain integrity: Daniel’s spiritual routine strengthened his determination to keep his integrity even when he faced imminent danger. (Daniel 6:10)
  • It helps us gracefully handle surprises and shocks in life: Unannounced surprises and shocks can weaken our determination to serve Jehovah fully. However, a good spiritual routine will help us stay focused on our relationship with Jehovah.
  • It helps us stand firm against attacks – If Satan waited for an opportune time to tempt Jesus, he would do the same to each one of us. It is just a matter of when not if. We can take control of ourselves if we have a good spiritual routine whenever Satan tries to tempt us. (1 Cor 9:25)

How Our Elderly Ones Maintain their Spiritual Routine In the Home

Regular meeting attendance:

Regular meeting attendance helps us to take in the needed nourishment to sustain today and thrive tomorrow. (Hebrews 10:24, 25)

At Legacy Place, arrangements are made to Zoom into the local congregation on Tuesdays and Sundays for the weekly meeting. Some local friends have kindly volunteered to take the residents to the Kingdom Hall and for field service as well.

Watching the broadcast

Family worship:

“Maintaining a regular Family Worship evening, then, is a key ingredient to help all the members of our family “keep ready” spiritually as we await the foretold “great tribulation.” (Matt. 24:21)”

– Watchtower 2011, 5/15

While the residents can make their own arrangements for family worship with their families, we have spiritual activities scheduled that they can join in as part of the family at Legacy Place. Keeping family worship consistent, practical, and enjoyable contributes to keeping ourselves and our loved ones spiritually alive and strong and this is very important to us.

Keeping this in mind, here are a few arrangements that are made:

The daily text is considered before lunch, and then a prayer is said for the meal.

On a Monday, we have two brothers who volunteer and take the lead in studying the weekly bible study with the friends. One in our Personal Care building and one in our Memory Care building.

On a Tuesday, we do have a local brother and his wife come and volunteer. The brother takes the lead in preparing for the mid-week meeting, focusing on the weekly bible reading.

On a Friday, we have a local brother who studies the Watchtower lessons with the friends.

We have two sisters who are coming to sing kingdom melodies with the friends often.



It is amazing to see the zeal and determination that the residents show toward the ministry. They still see themselves as rescue workers at a disaster scene. Rescue workers do not slack off and quit because their fellow workers are finding more survivors at another location. This attitude is evident in our elderly ones and is a great source of encouragement for all of us.

To help them with this, there are arrangements to do letter witnessing together. On a Thursday, the residents gather for letter writing. We have had several local sisters come and volunteer as well.


Associating with our brothers and sisters is vital at this time of the end. A Watchtower puts this very well:

“An experienced soldier knows that he cannot successfully fight a massive army on his own; he needs the help of his fellow soldiers. Similarly, we cannot successfully resist Satan and his followers on our own; we need the support of our brothers and sisters. Jehovah has provided us with a worldwide “association of brothers” who are there to help us.​—1 Pet. 2:17.”

–        Watchtower 2021, March

At Legacy Place, we are blessed to have our brothers and sisters around us constantly. The beautiful environment that this brings helps our residents to thrive and support each other through everyday struggles. Along with the spiritual routine that we have, we also enjoy some great moments when we get together for meals and fun activities.

It has been an honor to help these elderly ones in this way. We would like to help more of our dear elderly ones who would like to enjoy being in a spiritually upbuilding atmosphere, which also provides them with the physical care that they need. If you would like to talk to us about how you can find a place with us at Legacy Place, please do write to us.