October Highlights – Unstoppable Zeal, Butterflies and House to House

November 3, 2022 | Monthly Update, Senior Care

October update_Personal Care for Seniors in Legacy Place Cottages

The highlight of this month was the House to House ministry and recounting wonderful experiences that our elderly ones have had. We had plenty fun too! Here’s a look …

Zeal Has No Age Limits!

Elderly ones in the organization are wonderful examples of faith and zeal. Here at Legacy Place too we have many elderly ones who continue to amaze us every day with their deep love for Jehovah and their extraordinary determination to keep preaching despite age and health limitations. We thought we would give you a small glimpse of what they are doing. We also wanted to share the experience of Doris, a beloved sister here at Legacy Place.

See our new blog on our website: Zeal Has no Age Limits!

Watch Doris’ experience here:


Butterfly Garden

Our beautiful butterfly garden. It was an amazing experience seeing these beauties hatch and become the marvelous creatures that they are. Stay tuned to watch as we release them back in nature.


Fly away pretty butterflies …. The joy of watching them hatch was complete when we released them. We had a little ceremony too!


Tony got to go House to House!

100 years old and still raring to go, Tony is an amazing example of zeal, endurance and love for Jehovah. If you haven’t read his life story yet, here is a link to it:

I Came in Here As One Of Jehovah’s Witnesses And I Am Leaving As One – Life Story of Tony Gallina


Stay tuned for more next month! Thank you everyone for your support.

You can help towards the care of faithful older ones in Jah-Jireh care homes through donations, small or large. Many brothers and sisters have played a vital role in providing quality care for elderly ones this way. Here is how you can: Learn more about donations