January Highlights- Spiritual Routine, Snow Battles, and Support

February 14, 2023 | Monthly Update, Senior Care

January Monthly Update of Legacy Place Senior Assisted Living

We had a brilliant month. Keeping to our spiritual routine, enjoying a Winter themed week, and so much more!

Maintaining a Spiritual Routine Despite Age

The foundation on which Legacy Place was built is to provide a loving home for our elderly brothers and sisters, where they can feel safe physically and spiritually.
After years of faithful service, they need a home where they can maintain the spiritual routine that they have had going for all their lives. We work hard to give them all the support they need to make this happen. In this blog, we wanted to show you how this is done. Click here to read it: Maintaining a Spiritual Routine Despite Age

Maintaining a Spiritual Routine in Legacy Place Senior Assisted Living

Snowball Toss

It’s Winter Theme week here in Legacy Place. What’s winter without a snowball fight or let’s say a snowball “toss”? We had great fun. Stay tuned for more Winter themed activities this week!


Let it Snow!

What could top off our Winter themed weekend than SNOW! We even had one brave soldier who ventured out to build a snowman.


Winter Theme week at Legacy Place Senior Assisted Living


Snow Battles

And then we all just had to join in! We got in some serious snowball battles too. It was a fun day!


Amazon Smile Winds Down

Amazon has announced that it will wind down AmazonSmile by February 20, 2023. This has been a great way to raise funds for Legacy Place so far. We thank all of you who have supported us through this platform. It has helped us in caring for our dear elderly ones. We will keep you posted on other options to raise funds, but for now you still donate directly through this link: Donate
Thank you once again!

Amazon Smile winding down


Stay tuned for more next month!