Your Help Is So Appreciated!

December 31, 2022 | General

On the eighth anniversary of Legacy Place Cottages, we reflect on how Jehovah has blessed the efforts of those that provide physical, spiritual, and emotional care to our dear older ones. It is a challenge to provide good care in these turbulent times, and we especially thank the caregivers, the culinary and support teams, and the managing staff that work hard each day. They have made Legacy Place a haven where spiritual values are foremost.

We are coming off three of the most challenging years ever encountered by senior care facilities around the world. Pandemic-related restrictions sharply lowered occupancy in 2020 and 2021 while labor, supplies, insurance, and utility costs dramatically increased. Despite these challenges, there have been many, many blessings, and we are confident that with Jehovah’s help and the generosity of his people, we will continue to provide loving care to these faithful elderly ones.

Looking at the budget for 2023, Legacy Place is working hard to minimize expenses to keep the cost to residents as low as possible despite challenging inflation. While we are making progress in narrowing the gap between revenue and expenses to assure sustainability, the reality is that donations will continue to play a critical role … especially in providing financial assistance to those that need it.

An Easy Way to Help

You can make a difference by using AmazonSmile to shop. Just click here and link to your Amazon account. From then on, at no cost to you, each order you place helps the brothers and sisters at Legacy Place!

Other ways to help can be found on our Ways to Help page.

A Special Thank You

A special “Thank You” is extended by those needing financial assistance, the special full-time servants helped to stay in a spiritual environment, and the children of residents who continue in full-time service because Legacy Place exists!

To each and every brother or sister whose heart has moved them to contribute to preserving this special place, the entire Legacy Place family says “Thank You!” We are confident Jehovah will continue to bless your generosity.

You truly do make a difference!