January Monthly Update – More letters, Fun Activities, and lots of Gift Making

February 2, 2022 | General

How fast this month has gone by! Hope all of you are doing well and the past month has been great. We have been busy with many enjoyable things despite the cold weather and the many moods of the pandemic. Here are some highlights which we wanted to share with you.

Fully Accomplishing Our Ministry

Another fruitful ministry day. Such wonderful examples of faith. Can you imagine how many letters they must have written in their lifetime? No matter the response they get or don’t get, they are confident that Jehovah sees their work and are determined to leave no stone unturned when it comes to reaching people.


Activities we love

Arts and crafts time in Legacy Place is always a fun exercise. Seeing older ones put their creative caps on and finding pleasure in their work is lovely. An article on Senior Living states: “Most older adults who are reliant on others for their day-to-day tasks can end up feeling sad or low about it. Feelings of helplessness are common among seniors which can lead to other long-term effects on their mental health. Thus, art and craft activities are quite helpful as they allow seniors to learn something new and also gives them the chance to have total control over what they would like to create. This can help them feel confident in their abilities.”

Stormy weather doesn’t get us down

What do you do in a snowstorm? You fill it with color and joy that’s what! While the storm huffed and puffed outside our window a few days ago, Joyce found herself an activity that won a warm smile from everyone.

Everyone wants to be a Legacy LifeSaver!

The young ones don’t want to be left out of this fun campaign! They have started working on little gifts and ideas to contribute. They love the older ones and want to play a part in this too.
Join the growing ranks of “Legacy Lifesavers” that provide small monthly donations, which are critically needed to support our dear elderly friends. Become a Legacy Lifesaver

Donate to the Legacy Lifesavers Campaign

Gifts in the Making!

We are grateful for all the support that has been coming in for the Legacy Lifesavers campaign. Our residents are excited to share their appreciation and as you can see they have been busy making these adorable gifts for our Legacy Lifesavers!
If you want to become a Legacy Lifesaver and provide much needed small monthly donations to Legacy Place, click on this link: Become a Legacy Lifesaver 


Stay tuned for more of what we are up to. We have another life story coming up soon!