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What is Memory Care

With Alzheimer's and other related dementias afflicting an increased number of older adults, there is a need to provide special care for the elderly who have cognitive impairments. Senior living communities that offer specially trained staff, activities and programming for residents who have a form of dementia are called memory care communities.

A memory care community looks like senior living with residents having private rooms, structured activities and nutritious meals, but memory care communities are strategically crafted to care for their residents’ cognitive needs. This includes a building design that has ample natural light to mitigate against night and day confusion. Hallways are laid out in flowing loops that allow residents to move freely and safely about, with exits subtly placed to dissuade exit seeking. The facilities are also locked and secure to keep wanderers safe.

Staffing levels are higher as each resident requires hands-on, person-centered care. An extensive plan of care is created, followed, and communicated to family members. Each staff member is experienced and trained in working with those with dementia. This includes understanding the stages and effects of dementia as well as best practices in caregiving and redirecting adults with dementia to achieve their goals.

Dining and activities are done in small groups to decrease a resident's agitation, and special tranquil areas and sensory boxes are available to pacify anxiety. Sensory boxes are specially created for a resident's past career or hobby. For example, a resident who was an accountant might have a pencil, tablet and adding machine; familiar items that bring him comfort when placed with him at a table.

Many details of the memory care community are well thought out, even down to the furnishing and decorations that keep residents safe and encourage their well-being.

We invite you to ask questions to clarify your Memory Care options. We wholeheartedly encourage you to come for a tour and to meet our staff. Legacy Place Cottages is located at 2051 Bevin Drive, Allentown, PA 18103.


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