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Managing the Emotions of Placing an Aging Parent in Senior Living

One of the most difficult aspects of caregiving for an elderly parent is making the decision to place him or her in a care facility, whether it be a nursing home, assisted living facility, or independent living community. The evidence in support of moving Mom or Dad to a home may be obvious, i.e., she falls more and more frequently, she is afraid to be alone at night, he doesn't take his medications correctly, and preparing meals is becoming almost impossible.

While he may or may not be aware that his capabilities are on the decline, he may have led a life of stubborn independence which he is not willing to give up easily. Although someone will be there to put a warm dinner on the table, count out the pills, and help him to the bathroom in the middle of the night, the elderly one may make her feelings known that she prefers the struggle over the lack of control over her own daily routine. The adult child/caregiver of this once-capable parent is then faced with having 'the talk', breaking the news that it is unsafe for his parent to stay in his or her home.

While some elderly persons can be practical about the need for a major lifestyle change, others may be reluctant or even combative about it. The adult child is likely to have mixed feelings of sadness, guilt, and relief, making it a no-win situation emotionally for the child.

Senior Living May Be the Best Option for Your Loved One, Even Though You Do Not Feel that Way

Your Feelings Are Natural

Most of us remember our parents as vibrant and independent people. We also have fond memories of the home that we grew up in. The act of selling the happy home of our youth and moving a beloved parent into institutional care is traumatic. Aging is unkind and unpleasant, but it is a reality of life. Once we acknowledge these emotional truths we can face the challenges that lay ahead and seek the best path forward.

Senior Living Is Not What It Was

Many think of senior living as the nursing homes of the 1970s and 1980s with people laying around on gurneys and enduring putrid smells. Today, nothing could be further from the truth. Standards have been raised and most senior living communities feel like resorts with delicious chef-prepared meals, fun activities, and excellent resident care.

It Is The Best Option

Watching parents age is difficult, but it is the unfortunate reality of life. Many unpleasant decisions and situations will occur, and it important to accept the circumstances and focus on the best option available for your loved one. Remaining at home can be dangerous and unhealthy, and living with you may be logistically impossible. Senior living may be the best option to maximize the quality of life and receive the necessary care.

Loving and Compassionate Care.

The residents at Legacy Place are treated with dignity and respect. Jehovah's Witnesses manage the community and ensure that residents receive exceptional care by fellow Witnesses. You can be assured that your loved one is treated like family.

Come and visit our community, enjoy a meal and meet the staff. You will see that Legacy Place looks like a home, and once you are here you will see that it feels like home. For many, it is the best option.

We invite you to ask questions about our compasionate care. Once again, we wholeheartedly encourage you to come for a tour and to meet our staff. Legacy Place Cottages is located at 2051 Bevin Drive, Allentown, PA 18103.


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