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Affordable Senior Living and Personal Care for Jehovahs Witnesses

Despite the perception of the cost of senior care, living at Legacy Place Cottages may be within your budget. We have all seen commercials about the cost of senior care. While there are costs associated with providing care for the elderly, many examples are nightmare scenarios manufactured to encourage people to buy a financial product. The fear of the unknown causes many seniors to loose sight of reality. The truth is that there may be options available to you to help pay for senior living. If you are interested in learning about life at Legacy Place Cottage, then you should schedule a private meeting to examine your situation. Some options may include:

Long-Term Care Insurance

Many policies cover elder care like home care, assisted living as well as the personal care and memory care offered

Social Security, Pensions, and Retirement Income

Most seniors have various sources of income to fund their retirement. After a person determines to move to senior living, the majority of their living expenses like housing, food, utilities, real estate taxes and other costs cease to exist. This frees up monies to be directed to fund the next stage of life at Legacy Place that covers their housing, meals and care.

Benevolent fund

Legacy Place Cottages is a nonprofit organization with the goal of caring for aging Witnesses. As such, we want to help seniors and encourage Witnesses to apply for financial aid to help offset shortfalls.

Many seniors do not realize the options available to them. We can review your situation in a private and confidential meeting to assess your situation and your options. Each individual's options are unique to his or her situation.

We invite you to ask questions about your options. We wholeheartedly encourage you to come for a tour and to meet our staff. Legacy Place Cottages is located at 2051 Bevin Drive, Allentown, PA 18103.


 Our Phone Number: 484.860.3900

 Our Email Address: Information@LegacyPlace.org

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